As karting has grown and evolved over the years, so has the NKA. There hasn’t been a shortage of challenges that we’ve had to accept as a sport. One problem in particular, though, has finally reached a tipping point. It’s causing real and actual damage, and we need to address the situation now—as a sport.

At almost every event today, there is a pervasive lack of respect. This is forcing tracks and series to shut down. It’s causing good officials to leave the sport, and it’s keeping racers away, too.

It’s time to make racing fun again.

We want everyone to show more respect to the drivers, teams, families, and officials at karting events. And this problem isn’t going to fix itself. We’ve got to work together to change the direction of the karting world. We believe in uniting the NKA tracks and series, and by creating accountability through the NKA Competition License, we know we can keep karting fun.

The NKA Competition License accomplishes three things:

1. Provides Accountability

Drivers and crew are held accountable for their behavior on and off the track, and in the tech barn, with our Points System.

2. Creates New License Levels

Regulate the types of classes and/or series where drivers can compete. (Different license levels roll out in 2019!)

3. Gives Drivers Unique Benefits

NKA-Licensed drivers get special access to contests and incentives, which drives more racers to your events.

More respect, and less cheating.

The NKA Competition License increases program unity and helps bring the fun back to our sport. Sound good? Then join us in our mission and contact us today.

*We’re offering a $500 credit for tracks that are ready to take the next step!

Competition License Points System

The point system works a lot like any state driver’s license. Every competition license starts with zero points. That way, participants who behave appropriately and act responsibly can feel good knowing that they’ll be welcome at any NKA event in the country.

The goal of the competition license is to crack down on repeat offenders. Drivers or crew members that display poor behavior (verbally attacking officials, intentionally causing a yellow, etc.) can then be held accountable for their actions by having points added to their licenses. Incidents reported to the NKA will be applied to the entire year. Currently, there are three levels of penalties:

Level 1:  Minor technical or on-track infractions, or careless behavior. (2 Points)

Level 2:  Intermediate technical or on-track infractions, or imprudent behavior with intent. (5 Points)

Level 3:  Severe and intentional technical or on-track infractions, or dangerous behavior without regard for safety. (10 Points)

Please Note: These points can be issued at any NKA event in the country, including disruptive behavior/activity on social media or at NKA banquets. If a driver accumulates 15 points in total, they will be suspended for a minimum of 6 months. This helps events maintain a high standard of excellence, so everyone can have a good time—and go home happy.

Licensing Levels

A secondary issue today is that many drivers are staying at lower levels for too long. There are also drivers running at higher level classes that often choose to drop down. And yes, there are still drivers that want to progress sooner than they are ready. While these situations may not be the case for every track or series in the NKA, some drivers need to be restricted from competing in certain classes. This will help keep our races challenging and fair for everyone.

This is why we’re developing a Driver Ranking System, which will debut in 2019. Currently, drivers can really only assess their rankings against whoever they’re racing on the track. But with this new process, drivers will be able to compare their stats against NKA racers all across the country. Ready to raise the bar for competitive karting? Then stay tuned. More details to come!

Building Engagement

Creating a better racing environment helps fill the stands and keeps participants excited about the sport of karting. But building engagement can be a real challenge for many kart tracks. Let the NKA help you maintain communication with your customers. With the right strategies, you can get a loyal fan base.

Targeted Marketing

Deliver special information to your drivers about new NKA events, updates, and other important details to increase their engagement.

Members-Only Contests

Draw new competitors to your events with contests that are only available for NKA-Licensed drivers.

We’re rolling out a number of contests in the 2018 season. Each one is designed to incentivize drivers to come race with your NKA facility. This makes it easy for people to choose NKA tracks more often, or just focus only on NKA events. Ready to boost the competition and enhance your events? Contact us today!